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WELCOME; To the Web Site of the Body of Christ Ministries, a Church of God 7th Day, located in Abbotsford, BC. Canada   

These studies are not given as a condemnation, but only as studies to show the way of salvation as found in the teaching of the Jewish Jesus Christ. He delivered His teaching to mankind in His Holy Bible, inspired to be written by the Holy Spirit. To receive the Christ within as one's only Hope of salvation, one must chose to take the right course of action. Remember RABBI Jesus said: John 4:22 "for salvation is of the Jews."  Who are you going to believe? The "RABBI" Jesus and serve the God of Israel who's "RABBI"
He was, the God of the Bible, or the teachings of the Roman Christian Priesthood? (Mat 23:8 KJV) "But be not ye called RABBI; for ONE IS YOUR MASTER, even CHRIST;" If one follows the teaching of the Jewish RABBI, Jesus Christ, and Him only, he will know the right WAY to take. He delivered the RIGHT WAY to the Jews, but only His Saints that followed His teachings accepted it.  Will you be found having the same JEWISH "FAITH of JESUS"? Only if you follow His teachings. (Jude 1:3-4). You must decide who's teachers are you going to follow, the teachers of the Roman Christian Religion or the teachings of the Jewish RABBI of the JEWISH Christian FAITH? If you follow the teachings of one of the Roman Religions, you will have the faith of one of the Roman Religion. REMEMBER what Christ said: John 4:22 "for salvation is of the Jews."
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Contending for the ONE and ONLY Faith of the Christ that He delivered to His JEWISH SAINTS.

New Covenant Kingdom of God here on EARTH again with Jesus being established as it's KING.

The Temple's of Jesus Christ are the Sons of Jesus Christ, not physical building called Churches.

The Saints of the Jewish Messiah are all citizens of the Commonwealth of Israel.

Have you accepted the New Blood Covenant that Christ made with all Nations for their Salvation?

God's purpose for making the Ten Commandment Covenant with Israel.

What is the WORSHIP of the "Host of HEAVENS"?

The IDOLATRY that originated in the Worship of the Host of Heaven, now found in most Churches.

THE BABYLONIAN RELIGIONS use IDOL. They do not obey Christ and Keep His Ten Commandments.

Christian Churches with their IDOLS on them.

The fish symbol is the idol name of Dagon, the Pagan's Fish god.

Constanstine on the THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and The Council of Nicea.

The Jewish CHRIST taught that if you use IDOLS, YOU are DUMB like the IDOLS you use.

IDOLS in the form of the CROSS that are used in all religions except one.

Egyptian Sun Idols used in the Roman Temples before and after the Christian era..

Celebrating Holidays from Egyptian, Roman, Celtic and Druid Witchcraft is serving their gods.

Are Christians still Under the Laws of the Covenant that God gave to Israel?

Was Christ Three days and Three nights in the tomb as He said?