IDOLATRY that originated from the Worship of false - no gods now found in Christian Churches.
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More Pictures of Idols.

Pictures that tell the story of the source of the idols, icons and symbols in the Roman Christian Churches. They are all from Egyptian, Celtic and Druid Witchcraft.

The Sun wheel of the solar year
at St. Peters Plazza, Rome

Pagan Sun wheel in the center of St. Peter's Plaza, Rome. This is the mother Church of the Roman faith.

Sun wheel of life from Celtic WITCHCRAFT.
Same Sun wheel of life at St. Peter's Plazza.

The idol symbol of BAAL, the LORD of the Heavens. The same icon symbol  used as the centre peace of the worship of the Roman Church. Note the cross marking the four seasons of the Sun year, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. All are holidays of Celtic Witchcraft and the Roman Church. There are also four Moon holidays of Celtic Witchcraft displayed in the Sun wheel. Also holidays kept by Christian people. May Day and Halloween are the two main ones. Note the Star in the centre composed of two Pyramids interwoven, the Sign in all Witchcraft. The Star of David (Remphan) is also two interwoven Pyramids.

Acts 7:43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.


An Egyptian obelisk (IDOL) moved from Egypt to Rome to symbolize one of the gods of the Roman Church. There is an Egyptian obelisk in St. Peter's Plaza also.

The BAAL stone, "LORD of the Heavens".
Found in Israel. 5000 year old idol of Sun Worship.

The idol symbol of BAAL, the LORD of the Heavens.  The same symbol icon used as the centre of the worship of the Roman Church.

The Cross idol of BAAL (LORD of the HEAVENS) Sun.
The origin of the Celtic cross adopted by Rome.

The Signature Idol of the god BAAL, LORD of the Heavens. This idol stone only has the four Sun seasons marked by the cross. Note the Sun ring around the cross. This same Sun ring shows up on all the pictures of the gods (Saints) in all the religions worshipping the Host of Heaven. It shows up on the Celtic cross below.

The Celtic cross. Older than Christianity it'self.
The cross adopted by the Roman Church and still used today.

The Celtic cross that is older the Christianity itself. Note the cross in the centre of the Sun circle with the Phallic symbol of the Sun reaching down to the earth where it stands.

IDOLATRY that originated from the Worship of false - no gods now found in Christian Churches.

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